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[Article written on November 5, 2008]

California’s voters said “yes” to “Proposition 8″ – read here (thanks, Stefan)! This means that gay marriages (which were allowed since June, 2008 in the state of California) will be banned from now on. I keep wandering what the fuck means this. I mean, I thought there are some basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution. The fact that they are “guaranteed” means that they cannot constitute the subject of a popular vote. “Freedom of expression and association”, “equality under the law”, etc. are such rights. People cannot vote to ban an individual’s or a group’s enjoyment of these rights.

So why the right to marry whoever you want should be different? Why should the group of heterosexuals decide something which concerns only the group of gays? America is the land of the free? But who the hell qualifies for the “free person” label? Where’s the “Land of the free” ?!


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