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These are my two dogs:

Helga (Arizonai Almodozok Faviola, b. 14. 02. 2001, Hungary):

helga1 helga3 helga4 euhelgacodrut

Olga (Chaitan Legend Chow Charisma, b. 24. 10. 2002, Bucuresti, Romania):

olga5 olga4 olga11 helgasiolga1

Here are some puppies born in my kennel (The “Heliotropium” Kennel, recognized by The Fédération Cynologique Internationale):

Bozo Blue Bear (Bozo) (b. 26.08.2004) (owner: Irina Amariei, Iasi, Roamania). The first picture was shot at the CAC Braila, Romania, 2006. The second picture was shot at the CACIB Targu Mures, Romania, 2006
bozo-2 bozo

Battina Blues (Rania) (b. 26.08.2004) (owner: Marcela Coldea, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)


Heliotropium Codrut (Codrut) (b. 21.04.2006) (Owners: Mihaela Asavei and Dany Bourdet, Lille, France):

codrut04 codrut08

Only for Romanian readers: I also wrote a lot about how to raise a Chow here.

Finally, a nice picture of Helga:



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