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A very good friend of mine send me this. Enjoy, or… cry!

Just an aside: So I’m not the only one… šŸ™‚

PhD resolutions

Before joining PhD:

* I didn’t get a seat in medical entrance, so I wanna show every one that I can cure cancer!.. huh!…..
* I want to win the Nobel Prize.
* I want to win the Turing Award.

First year of PhD:

* I want to finish my PhD in two years.
* I want to publish papers only in cell, nature and science and present them in international conferences.
* I want to make ground-breaking research.
* I want to win the best PhD Thesis award.

Second year of PhD:

* I want to finish my PhD in 5 years.
* I want a problem to start with, something exciting for me…..
* Shall I change my advisor ??
* Why don’t my lab mates smile at me ?

Third year of PhD:

* I just want a paper; I don’t care in which journal.
* Shall I change my topic?
* I want to be known as Dr. XYZ, that’s all !

Fourth year of PhD:

* I want to finish my PhD!
* My industry-friends have two children by now. When will I get married?
* My friends earn lots of money, I still borrow money from my parents and my room-mate for paying my bills….

Fifth year of PhD:

* Why did I come here?
* Why did I choose this advisor?
* Why did I choose this topic?
* Why did I choose to do a PhD???

Sixth year of PhD:

* Someone give me a degree!!…. I beg you, please…..
* I want to leave this place ā€” for ever.
* Let me leave…… I will never return in my life time…

Seventh year of PhD:

* People call me uncle.
* She waited and finally married someone else.
* I don’t want any degree. I just want to live peacefully.. .


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Adrian Ciubotaru vrea sa promoveze filozofie.ro. Si bine face. Cum ideea este excelenta, iata popularizez si eu teaser-ul:

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This class was held by Irving Singer at MIT (2004). There are four sessions. I didn’t find session two (I don’t now why). You can also watch session three and session four. You can watch the whole course here. Enjoy! (via Gramo)

Session one:

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Ā The articles posted below (dated December 1-2, 2008) were written in the last year. They are imported from my personal blog (in Romanian).

This is why there might be some inconsistency between what some posts say and the date when they were written. Please do accept my apologies for this. Although they are not actual anymore, I thought what they say may still be interesting: this is the reason why I imported them here.

Things are a bit messy right now, because this blog was born very recently. I promise the quality of the blog will increase in time.

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Whaaaaaat? Half of Cambridge students admit that they practice plagiarism????!!!! 64 % of the Law School students already did that?!!!!! Herr Rambu must be happy nowā€¦ Read the article in The Daily Telegraph, here.

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According to this study, ā€œGrandparent Caregivers Cut Kidā€™s Injury Risk in Halfā€. A short and nice analysis of the study (written by Summer Johnsom for blog.bioethics.net) here. No news, indeed. If you donā€™t have grandparents, you should buy someā€¦ I know this better than anyone!

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[Article written on February 27, 2008]

UPDATE (03.03.2008). It seems that the problem of teaching religion in school was settled reasonably well, at least in my opinion. Romanian readers might want to take a look here. Does anybody know something about evolutionism?

Yes, George, there are two theories:

(a) The Dawn of Man (ā€2001: A Space Odysseyā€, Stanley Kubrick, 1968)


(b) The Creation of Adam (Michelangelo, ā€œThe Creation of Adamā€ Sistine Chapel, c. 1511)


You are free to choose whatever theory you like – and I think that, choosing one (or choosing none) does not by itself give anyone the moral right to ridicule the other one (or both).

I think Kubrick himself is an exponent of epistemological neutrality – or, if you want, of agnosticism. Remember that, in his movie, man evolves from the monkey – but this evolution itself is made possible by a superior intelligence (remember the monolith!)

vlcsnap-315212.jpg vlcsnap-315720.jpg

In rest – I know: my way – the third (fourth??) way – is (politically and psychologically) the worstā€¦

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